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As a PAA member you’ll have access to a variety of tools that will help make your job as a real estate owner easier and more affordable. 

Membership will get you access to all the perks with our vendor partners.  On top of getting access to a list of trusted professionals, many of them offer discounts specifically for PAA members.  You’ll also be looped into important topics effecting the City of Providence and have access to presentations given by our Partner Professionals.    

Membership costs a mere, $50.00 a year. Online payment available using the links below:



Partner Vendors

As a member, gain access to a wide variety of trusted vendors.  Our vendors range from window installation and hardware stores to mortgage brokers and attorneys. 


Important Topic Updates

Stay up-to-date on important topics that will directly and indirectly effect the real-estate market, landlords, and tenants, in the City of Providence.  Check out our newsfeed or follow our Facebook page.  Sign up with us and automatically receive our newsletter.


Access to Professionals

As a PAA member you'll have access to a variety of experts in their field.  We will offer educational presentations on topics of interest.  These presentations will be free to PAA members with a charge for non-members. 

**Calendar with Topics and Dates coming soon.


Online Database

As a PAA member you'll have access to an online database which contains important tools and information to help you manage your real-estate.